DA concerned by Stats of youth unemployment and poverty in the country

Democratic Alliance (DA) - [http://mdw.typepad.com/.a/6a00df3520b9a2883301053602ea3d970b-pi]

The DA in the Western Cape notes with the statistics released by Stats SA on the state of youth unemployment and poverty in the country.

I will write to the Minister of Social Development in the Western Cape, Albert Fritz, to inquire whether the programmes which are focused on the previously disadvantaged communities is facilitating youth employability in the province. We must ensure that the youth in those communities not only have access to quality education, but also have support systems in place that will ensure that they remain in school and obtain skills that will enable to access jobs.

Nationwide, unemployment among the youth between the ages of 15-34 remains worryingly high at 39, 5%. Lack of education and of skills has a major impact on youth unemployment. Although universities boast huge enrolment numbers of youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, the reality is that many do not complete their studies and remain unemployed.

A major concern is that unemployed young people may get caught up in criminal activities, such as gangsterism and even become involved in substance abuse.  It is fundamental to ensure that quality education is given to all young people in the country as this is the only way to end poverty and inequality.  The failure of National Government to provide our youth with the quality education, which is their right, is crippling our society as our youths face a bleak future.

Skills development programmes in combination with a quality education play a pivotal role in reducing poverty and crime, and the DA in the Western Cape is committed to ensuring that all youths in the province have access to quality education that will make them employable in the future.  We must provide the best possible environment and opportunities for all youth in the province. 

The DA in the Western Cape understands the important role that educations plays in reducing poverty and unemployment and thus urge the youth to seize opportunities availed to them and remain in school.