Digging deep to provide refreshing water at Engen False Bay 1Stop

Kobus Pretorius

Kobus Pretorius is a man with the customer at heart. As the owner of the Engen False Bay 1 Stop, Kobus has just installed a water desalinationplant that converts borehole water into purified water.

False Bay 1 Stop is an Engen flagship highway site with between 800 and 1 000 vehicles stopping there each day to fill up. The facility is situated on the N2 East, 10 kilometers before Somerset West and offers customers the convenience of a Woolworths Foodstop, Wimpy family restaurant and take away, Corner Bakery and Quickshop, as well as Engen’s quality fuels. The facility is open 24/7 and can serve up to 4 000 customers per day at peak times. Consequently, the rest rooms are always busy.

Due to the water shortage in the Western Cape and the urgency to save water to prevent Day Zero, Kobus realised that as a responsible business owner he had to do something about it. A borehole was sunk, but found that whilst there was water in abundance, it would need to be purified of various metals and solids to be pure and drinkable.

“I decided to deal with the professionals,” Kobus recalls. “I spoke to Water Purification Solutions and they suggested to us to install a treatmentplant to get the water to a quality that exceeds municipal water!”

Within six months, Water Purification Solutions designed, manufactured and installed a Primary Water Treatment plant capable of providing the daily needs of the business. It can be described as having a small factory on-site, but Kobus believes that the effort is well worth it. After all, only by controlling his own water resource can he ensure that every customer enjoys water quality of the finest!

Engen is focused on always putting the customer first. As a result, a number of head office and regional managers, as well as fellow service station owners, visited the Engen False Bay 1Stop on May 23rd 2018 for what Kobus calls his ‘Water-baby Shower’, and their introduction to a model for ensuring continuity of water supply in drought areas.

Three cheers for Kobus Pretorius, and his very capable team at the Engen False Bay 1 Stop.