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Frost and Sullivan to present digital challenges and growth opportunities at GIL 2016: Africa Congress.
The future of the enterprise as we know it today will become unrecognisable in the next 10 years.  Any organisation that is not embracing digital transformation will succumb to the effects of Digital Darwinism and be left behind in an increasingly fast changing digital super economy.

On 18th August 2016, Frost and Sullivan will host its annual Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) 2016: Africa congress at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Key decision makers from across the continent will be in attendance, along with global stakeholders looking to trade with and invest in Africa. Leaders will gather at this year’s congress to share and debate existing challenges, as well as future growth opportunities that Digitisation has to offer.

“Many companies are attempting to create new Digital business models which will eventually cannibalise their traditional business, rather than capitulating to new disruptive Digital start-ups,” states Wayne Houghton, Director of Growth Implementation Solutions for Africa at Frost and Sullivan.

Over 70% of top fortune 500 companies have plans to offer their products as a digital service by 2020.  Presently, the 10 most valuable start-ups globally are estimated to have a value of US$172,7bn – all embracing Digital platform based business models. And around 90% of the business models in 2020 will be driven by the cloud.

“Digital transformation cannot be ignored without becoming irrelevant, and an adaptive digital strategy is imperative,” reiterates Houghton. “A holistic digital transformation strategy, which considers the digital workforce along with the business model, process and customer channel dimensions, will be critical for organisations wishing to remain relevant in the next 10 years.”

This year’s congress will commence with opening keynote by Dorman Followwill, Senior Partner at Frost and Sullivan, followed by an interactive workshop on “Digital Transformation as a New Business Model” presented by Mr Houghton.

The afternoon session will begin with an executive address from Birgitta Cederstrom, Global Commercial Director for GIL, followed by interactive Think Tanks titled “360 Degree Digital Disruption across Industries”, that will include;

  •   Information and Communication Technologies: Is it necessary for Telecomms players to ‘digitise’ as well?
  •   New Mobility Business Models and Connected Mobility within the automotive Industry
  •   Consumerism: Digital Transformation and the impact on the retail Industry
  •   Digitising Healthcare: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

With over 200 industry experts and visionaries in attendance, GIL 2016: Africa will be a remarkable platform to discuss and deliberate the future of business, convergence of new business models, Mega Trends and disruptive technologies.