Live demonstrations of FOGMAKER fire-suppression system at Bauma 2018

FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd

FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd. will conduct live demonstrations of its innovative triple-action fire-suppression system at Bauma 2018.

“Our launch of FOGMAKER to the South African market at BAUMA 2015 was a huge success which motivated us to participate in Bauma 2018,” explains Managing Director of FOGMAKER South Africa, John Russell, who adds that they also walked away with the ‘best small stand’ award that year. “The fact that a number of our customers are also exhibiting this year is a clear indication to us that Bauma presents a most appropriate platform to showcase our FOGMAKER fire-suppression system.”

FOGMAKER makes use of water, the purest extinguishant, to attack all three components in the fire triangle namely heat, oxygen and fuel. Suitable for any engine compartment, the system uses high-pressure water mist (50-micron droplets) to effectively suppress a fire and cool down the compartment to prevent re-ignition.

“Equipped with automatic fire detection, which is independent of any power source, this low-weight, low-maintenance system is simplicity itself,” says Russell. “Moreover, there is no powder or mess to clean-up after actuation, which keeps costs and downtime to the absolute minimum. After a discharge, it’s a simple matter of replacing the detector hose and refilling the piston accumulator.”

Russell confirms that the FOGMAKER will be installed on a number of their own and several customer machines (drill rigs & compressors) on display during Bauma.

Visitors to Bauma will be able to see the FOGMAKER’s impressive capabilities first hand with frequent live demonstrations taking place at the company’s outdoor stand.

FOGMAKER South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Boiler plate

FOGMAKER South Africa is the sole regional distributor of the world-renowned Fogmaker high-pressure water-mist fire suppression system for vehicles and machines with enclosed engine compartments.

A machine fire in the workplace (mine, forest, or port) can have devastating consequences in the form of injury, loss of life and production reductions with high economic loss. In the compact and hot engine compartment of a yellow metal machine the propagation of fire can be very fast, and if not detected early and sufficiently suppressed, will lead to a total asset loss.

Fogmaker’s triple-action system quickly detects and effectively suppresses a fire by attacking and neutralizing all three components of the fire triangle – heat, oxygen and fuel.

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