Nick Gelevert - founder and CEO; Left - Raoul Milhado, managing partner - []

A startup company for renting boats and yachts has opened the first yacht office in the world. The boat and yacht rental company, has approached a new concept and is changing the game for conducting business. 

Instead of a stuffy meeting room, Boatsters boasts a unique office on a super-yacht, the Pershing 88. 

Boatsters has grown expansively from initially operating in 19 countries to nearly 63 countries today. 

The company was founded by Nick Gelevert in 2015.

However, the idea was not possible for Nick and his fellow young partners to achieve on their own. 

They then struck a deal with one of Boatsters clients, Robert Vazquez who transformed their idea into reality. 

“Boatsters is not only a charter company, they have a new life concept which is about enjoy and improve your life. When I met the young partners a while ago, I believed in them. They charter my yacht with success so I trust them. If you want to enjoy your life, you have to be a Boatster, just like them”, said Vazquez. 

Notably, the European startup is one of the 12 chosen West-European startups of Microsoft – they receive support on technical, innovation and organisational level.

They are also the first mover in the boating industry to introduce a hybrid business model that allows consumers to rent a boat directly from the boat owner. 

In addition to this, Boatsters rents out 10 000 boats at prices between $500 –  $75,000 (R6 587 – R988 136) per week. 

Their 33 luxury boats are available between $30,000 – $250,000 (R395 259 – R3. 29 million) per week.