Jungheinrich safety solutions create more safety for man, machine and warehouse

Every year, in Germany alone, more than 12 000 accidents involving fork lift trucks are reported, several dozen of which have fatal results. The causes of most of the accidents are incorrect handling of the load or problems in the operational organisation.


In addition, operational interruptions due to accidents cost the intralogistics sector billions in losses every year and the acceleration of ever more complex processes in the warehouse increases the risk of accidents. Furthermore, for many companies, the growing number of statutory provisions and regulations also increases the legal and administrative challenges in the field of safety.

With its products, solutions and consulting services, Jungheinrich has set itself the goal of contributing to a significant reduction in the number of accidents and to permanently prioritise the issue of safety for both people and warehouses.

In addition to more than 60 years of expertise in especially safe trucks, numerous safety and assistance systems help the operator to identify critical situations in advance, to reduce the risk of accidents, such as collisions, as well as to reduce incorrect operation.

There are also various functions such as the reversing camera with personnel detection and digital solutions such as indoor tracking, which marks particularly accident-critical areas of the warehouse using sensor technology. With Jungheinrich operator training and courses, practical preventive measures for functional safety are available to its customers.

Jungheinrich works with the customer to analyse all challenges and possible risk sources using the new SAFEwalk.

Dr. Lars Brzoska, Member of the Board of Management at Jungheinrich AG responsible for Marketing and Sales: “As a family company, the safety of our trucks has always and will always be our priority. We want operators of Jungheinrich fork lift trucks to be able to complete their shift and return safely home without injury. The goal is the protection of the operator, machine and warehouse, while maintaining productivity during operation. The high-quality workmanship and reliability of our trucks, effective assistance systems and consultations are effective building blocks towards achieving this goal. More safety also means more investment protection and better cost control for our customers. Safety solutions from Jungheinrich can offer a clear economic advantage.”

Jungheinrich’s focus is on four areas with its safety solutions:

Jungheinrich supplies its customers with the new SAFEwalk: an analysis by a Jungheinrich expert, of conditions in the warehouse, identifying hazards and advising how occupational safety can be optimised. A further preventive measure is the Jungheinrich operator training which offers professional training.

Prior to commencing operation, the operator receives check points via StartSafe, in accordance with which they verifiably check the required functions. accessCONTROL monitors the seat and belt on the truck. Manipulation of the system is not possible. This ensures that no operator is driving without wearing a seat belt. It is possible to specify which operators may drive which trucks. The parameters of the truck can be adjusted depending on the operator. 

Load protection:– Jungheinrich offers various assistance systems on the truck such as protective screens and warning displays. Only by correctly picking up the load can its falling during transport be prevented. positionCONTROL enables the lift height to be adjusted to the respective warehouse situation. The desired lift heights can be stored as preselected settings in the trucks which are available at the start of operations. The use of a fork camera provides a direct view of the forks.

Collision protection:– Jungheinrich helps to minimise collisions through the use of various sensors, assistance systems, cameras, as well as markers and barriers in the warehouse. The most reliable means of avoiding collisions to the rear of the truck is the detection of personnel via a reversing camera. The camera displays the view to the rear of the truck on a screen and issues both visual and acoustic signals as soon as people enter the danger area. When reversing, the operator has an overview of the area without having to turn his head. The truck uses indoor/outdoor sensors to determine whether it is indoors or outdoors and adjusts its speed accordingly. The speed is automatically reduced in danger zones. The Jungheinrich Floor SPOT projects an LED dot on the ground in front of and behind the truck as a means of announcing that the truck is approaching a junction, for example

Stability:– Jungheinrich safety solutions reduce the danger of trucks tipping over due to incorrect loading: curveCONTROL automatically reduces the cornering speed in accordance with the load. This means that it is possible for empty trucks to travel faster. The adjustable driveCONTROL secures the load when forks are raised and can be adjusted to any application. This protects the load against falling. The customer is able to decide from which lift height the option can be employed. operationCONTROL issues a warning signal when the residual capacity is exceeded.