Keeping a low profile with Daikin’s new VRV IV S-series compact

VRV IV S-series compact

Standing at just under one metre high, the VRV IV S-series compact is the lowest profile outdoor unit on the market. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, its small footprint offers maximum flexibility for installers and designers, providing a discreet, go-anywhere solution that can be hidden behind low walls, hedges or concealed on balconies, successfully blending in with its surroundings to become virtually invisible, what every architect aspires to achieve in offering a flexible, out of sight solution.

Outstanding versatility The introduction of the new mini-VRV IV S-Series extends the capability of Daikin’s mini-VRV range, offering more choice for all types of buildings than ever before. As well as the new, compact, single-phase 4 and 5 HP units, the standard range of 4-5-6 HP units – available in either single and three phase – have also been updated from VRV III to VRV IV models.

Furthermore, a new range of 8-10- 12 three phase VRV IV S-series units have been added to meet the requirement for larger capacities. Longer piping lengths allow units to be positioned away from the building for complete discretion and convenience, while up to nine indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit to meet the needs of larger buildings of up to 200m2.

Uncompromising performance Based on the market-leading VRV IV technology from Daikin, the new VRV IV S-series is small yet powerful and offering high seasonal energy efficiency. VRV IV’s unique Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) control automatically adapts to the unique requirements of the building and climate, significantly reducing seasonal operational cost by up to 28% compared with previous series.

Easy to use centralised controls optimize energy efficiency and mean the system can be set precisely to suit individual needs, while providing the potential to monitor energy usage across a range of different properties. Daikin VRV IV S-Series – best in class With the introduction of the new compact mini VRV IV, Daikin has achieved another first in technical innovation to offer installers the widest and most complete range of mini VRV solutions available.