Klinger Mzanzi consolidates local operations into one-stop shop

Klinger Mzanzi - [http://www.klinger.co.za/images/packing-gaskets-bolting.jpg]

In a move that will improve customer experience and create easier access to its products and services, market leader in gaskets, gland packing valves and sealing materials, Klinger Mzanzi has announced group restructuring.


The Klinger Group in South Africa, established in 1968 as an offshoot of the 130 year old Klinger International Group – based in Austria – comprised four operations; Klinger Mzanzi, GC Baars, Klinger SA and Wright Seal and Plastics.

“The arrival of a new BEE partner in the Klinger Mzanzi business, Yvonne Munduna – who holds a 30% shareholding – was an ideal opportunity to restructure our business” says Phillip Herbst, director of Klinger SA.

From four into two

“Our decision to reduce the operating divisions from four to two – comprising fluid control and fluid sealing and engineering plastics – makes sense from an administrative point of view as operating divisions share a similar customer base, with customers involved with valves and actuators require sealing materials and vice versa. The new arrangement reduces product overlap and will result in a higher level of service, less confusion and easier access for our customers.

“The new structure will comprise Klinger (Pty) Ltd. the manufacturing operation and Klinger Mzanzi, incorporating the Wright Seal and Plastics operation and the GC Baars/Valvetech valve and actuator business,” he explains.

David Blair will be responsible for fluid control while Herbst will manage the fluid sealing and engineering plastics business. Klinger Mzanzi is a majority owned subsidiary of Klinger (Pty) Ltd. the largest manufacturer, supplier and distributor of fluid sealing products in Africa, according to the company.

Its Wadeville plant houses three production facilities in one 14,000m² building where Klinger locally manufactures a comprehensive range of calendared sheet jointing, soft cut, semi-metallic and metallic gasketing, as well as compression gland packing for pumps and valves.

The entire manufacturing operation is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and as part of the global Klinger Group, has access to international research and development, product technology and testing and the ability to participate in large-scale projects.

Klinger South Africa services a wide range of industries including the oil and gas, petrochemical, refining and chemical industries, as well as power generation, pulp and paper, metal melting, sugar and mining sectors.

Deep roots in SA industry

In addition to its own 48 year involvement the Klinger business has deep roots in South Africa. Subsidiary Wright Seal and Plastics, located in Cape Town, was established 1987, and has grown into a leading manufacturer and supplier of mechanical fluid sealing and industrial products, especially to the marine, oil, gas nuclear and petrochemical sectors.

Wright Seal and Plastics was the official agent and distributor for the Klinger range of products and:

• Merus – devices for combatting internal scale, bacteria and corrosion.

• AES – full range of API682, balanced cartridge, mixer and split mechanical seals including barrier systems.

• Belzona – polymeric repair solutions including coatings, flexible repairs, waterproofing and weatherproofing on steel or concrete surfaces.

• Labtecta – bearing protectors. G C Baars (Pty) Ltd, founded in1970, is another household name specialising in the marketing and distribution of industrial valves and allied equipment.

Valves include ball, butterfly, check, diaphragm, float, gate, globe, knife gate, needle, pinch, plug, pressure reducing, safety and relief. Allied equipment includes strainers, sight glasses, valve actuators and controls. Valvecraft, Valvetech and Highveld Instrumentation were all part of Baars Group, which was bought by Klinger (Pty) Ltd, in 2013.

One-stop shop

“The rationalisation of the Klinger Mzanzi business brings together the fluid control (Baars) and fluid sealing (Klinger and Wright Seal) activities into a more cohesive whole, where customers can acquire a complete range of fluid control, gasketing and sealing products and services from a single source. The ultimate one-stop shop in fact,” concludes Herbst.