Post Office - [Office Images]

RW Johnson’s letter on the South African Post Office resonated with me (Mark Barnes should stick to job, June 25). I too wish he could spend every waking moment fixing the post office.

For us in Cape Town the service levels have gone from bad to worse. The poor postmaster in Constantia simply throws up his hands and tells us there is a strike in the sorting depot in Johannesburg and there is nothing they can do.

I subscribe to a weekly magazine, The New Yorker. I have not had a copy since mid-April.

Official letters sent from Germany in the first week in April have still not arrived. I have even taken the liberty of writing to the head of the German Post Office, a previous colleague of mine, to see if the German pension service, which uses the postal system, would be willing to move to e-mail or fax to deliver messages and forms.

Registered post to the US takes more than six weeks to be delivered on the other side. Luckily, the tracking system was still functioning when I had the postmaster find the envelope. It was still in Johannesburg four weeks after being mailed in Cape Town.

The problem is, the longer it takes to fix the post office, the more volume they lose. I cannot afford to use the post for any overseas mail. Local mail now goes e-mail. Mail order goes to an address elsewhere and is hand delivered.

I wish Barnes well, but I am beginning to believe the situation is hopeless — the deterioration has been too dramatic for too long.