Afrox secures Western Cape LPG stocks

Afrox secures Western Cape LPG stocks

Consumers can expect ongoing security of supply of Handigas thanks to Afrox’s plans to import LPG through the port of Cape Town. The first 2017 stocks of LPG docked and were off-loaded last week into waiting Afrox tankers from the carrier GasChem.

“This shipment of LPG marks the ongoing commitment by Afrox to keep Western Cape customers fully stocked with LPG,” said Afrox head of LPG, Mark Radford. “The aim of importing directly into Cape Town is to ensure both domestic and industrial customers have seen the last of stock shortages in the region.

“In particular, this has to be excellent news for consumer demand for Handigas which skyrockets in winter when stocks and availability of LPG locally have tended to run low or run out completely in previous years.”

As part of its strategic plan for LPG, Afrox has an additional import agreement with Petredec Limited, one of the largest global Liquefied Petroleum Gas ‘LPG’ traders, to ensure security of supply for existing customers nationally.

These import agreements aim to ensure a steady supply Afrox Handigas to the consumer and promote the use of LPG as an alternative to electricity and paraffin for heating, cooking, hot water, braaiing, camping, hiking purposes and domestic LPG power generators.