BMG stocks a diverse range of sealing products to suit most sealing applications for the automotive, agricultural, mining, earthmoving, petrochemical, paper and pulp and general industrial markets.


“BMG’s commitment to providing high quality sealing products is evident in the extreme care taken in brand selection, in terms of standardisation, reliability, flexibility and consistent quality controls,” says Marc Gravett, business unit manager seals, BMG. “The company has secured the exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with leading global seals manufacturers, which means quality branded components are readily available.

“An extensive range of sealing products is available through BMG, as well as from the company’s exclusive seals outlets, trading as BMG Sealco. BMG Sealco branches specialise largely in hydraulic cylinder sealing for earthmoving, mining, agriculture and industrial applications.”

BMG’s sealing products include rotary shaft, torric, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, as well as allied products like O rings, waved washers, circlips, mechanical seals, gland packing and adhesives. Recent additions to the range are Mekrolek rotary couplings and the Spanjaard range of lubricants and allied chemical products.

Mekrolek rotary couplings or rotary joints, are designed to provide a reliable, leak-free seal for water, steam, oil, and air, between a stationary supply and a rotating workpiece.

These robust rotary couplings – which are available in mono and dual flow configurations, in threaded, flanged or quick release options – can be manufactured in various materials, including stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Important features include hydraulically balanced mechanical seal faces which reduce rotor torque and stainless steel rotors that prevent scale build-up. There are no springs in the media which results in optimal flow rates. Units with high wear resistant faces are designed for operation in harsh conditions. Non-standard couplings are also available from BMG.

General purpose units range from ½” to 2” and heavy duty units are obtainable on request, from 2” to 4”. The Mekrolek range also includes multi-port joints, as well as fixed and rotating syphons.

Applications for these rotating couplings include ball mills, pulp and paper mills, hydraulic coiling and uncoiling, brakes and clutches and flexible packaging. These units are also designed for use in rubber mixers, guillotines and eccentric presses.

BMG’s Spanjaard range of lubricants and allied chemical products are suitable for industrial, consumer, automotive, marine and mining applications.

These products include anti seize compounds, assembly and disassembly products, chain lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, electrical maintenance products and engineering and fabrication products. Also available are greases (including bearing greases) lubricating aerosols and open gear/wire rope lubricants, as well as paint and material protection products.

BMG also offers a manufacturing facility for custom designed sealing products, fabricated to exact specifications. This service also includes a full refurbishment facility for most brands of couplings. Every unit is inspected and pressure tested for optimum performance, according to stringent quality standards.

The company has invested in two Seal Maker SML 500e machines, each of which has the capability to produce hydraulic and pneumatic seals, o-rings, back up seals and oil seals, to exact specifications, in quantities as small as a single unit, in a few minutes.

Seal Maker machines offer faster turnaround times, double the number of seal profile options and a wider range of materials, than previously available on the older generation seal jet machines.