Combilift SC - []

The new Combilift Straddle Carrier is a versatile and cost effective solution for moving bulky and out of gauge loads such as generators, pipes, steel plates, tanks of all types and just about any oversized load.

The limitations which apply to other heavy-lifting equipment, such as overhead cranes do not apply to the highly manoeuvrable and multipurpose Combi-SC. The Combi-SC is able to load and off load inside and outside and moves effortlessly between the two due to the innovative design.

The Combi-SC is able to move large oversized loads up to 40% faster and allows for huge savings, against the need to hire mobile cranes and is full customisable to suit our customer’s unique requirements.

Unloading a directly from the truck and depositing the load exactly where required, even inside buildings due to the telescopic design which allows the Combi-SC to be low enough to enter into buildings and still allows the machine to double stack in outside areas, enabling the best use of available space.

The Combi-SC significantly reduces the number of forklift movements to load and unload containers and oversized loads, reducing occupational health and safety concerns. Optionally the Combi-Sc incorporates a patented load stabilising feature which allows full loads of non-uniform lengths to be lifted, with no risk of swing during transit.

Even when the weight is unevenly distributed. This allows the Combi-SC to travel over relatively rough ground with a very stable load.

The machines ability to lift from ground level also results in a more compact storage space compared with a side loader system, as load can be stacked closely side by side, thanks to the CombiSC’s ability to traverse aisles of just 1 650mm.

Accolades received from our Combi-SC customers:

“The Combi-SC is easy to operate and very user friendly. It has added versatility to our operations and enabled us to offer an extra level of service to our customers.”

In South Africa, Shamrock Handling Concepts is the authorised dealer of the Combi-SC and provides a comprehensive aftersales service and will attend to all maintenance requirements through its national network.