Daikin’s Latest VRV IV Heat Recovery solution.

It has been over 30 years since the HVAC industry was transformed with the introduction of the world’s first air conditioning system with variable refrigerant control, based on the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology pioneered by Daikin.

“With the launch of Daikin’s Latest VRV IV Heat Recovery solution, this trend is set to continue as the bar has been raised yet again for HVAC systems and the industry around the world,” according to the company.

Hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the launch events featured Daikin’s International VRV specialist guest speaker, Hubert Gatez, and were attended by more than 100 Consultants and over 200 air conditioning contractors and installers from around South Africa.

As part of Daikin’s “Total Solution,” the launch event offered key product and technological advances in comparison to VRV III, as well as emphasising the 360° efficiency offered by VRV IV Heat Recovery, with excellent efficiency and by being the what Daikin calls “the most efficient in design and installation available.”

The evolution of air conditioning

“VRV IV Heat Recovery is nothing less than the evolution of HVAC systems,” Daikin continues.

“Adopting the latest of technologies available, this complete building solution is up to 28% more efficient than the previous generation of VRV, is more flexible and can be installed faster than any other heat recovery system.”

This substantial increase in overall efficiency is thanks to product improvements such as a newly developed compressor able to deliver 50% more compression volume, a four sided heat exchanger with up to 50% more surface area, a new and more efficient DC fan motor, as well as a refrigerant –cooled PCB to mention but a few of the 37 patents applicable to VRV IV.

Using heat recovery technology, the newest systems can recover “free” heat from areas requiring cooling such as offices and server rooms, using it to heat other areas and provide hot water or supply heat to other applications such as over-door air curtains. Re-using wasted energy in this way can provide a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to ten – meaning that for each kilowatt of electricity uses, up to 10kW of heating or cooling capacity is provided.

The biggest improvements to the VRV IV Heat Recovery is thanks to the new three-pipe system and incorporation of the revolutionary Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, allowing the VRV system to adjust both the inverter compressor speed and the refrigerant temperature, thus providing the necessary capacity to meet the building load with the highest seasonal efficiency at all times.

Thanks to this “Total Solution” approach, the newest VRV IV Heat Recovery systems offer significant benefits for engineers, installers and building users, enhancing building comfort and offering the means to realise further energy efficiencies through the application of the latest technology developments.