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Purchasing a reconditioned boiler can save up to 40%.  Added to this is a significantly reduced delivery time, typically half that of a new boiler.  All Boilers are overhauled, parts requiring replacement are replaced and finally they are inspected by an Approved Third party accredited company.  No Boiler leaves Dryden Works without being certified.

 As part of Energy Partners, EP Dryden Combustion strives for energy efficiency, sustainability and cost saving.  Dryden offers a whole array of products built around savings – money, time and downtime.  With each boiler, new or reconditioned, the added option of an Optiflame High Efficiency Control Panel is highly recommended. 

This panel, developed, manufactured and supplied by EP Dryden, utilises VSD’s and PLC with touch screen panel (HMI) which enables user friendly control of fans and stokers for optimized combustion efficiency. Combustion and steam pressure control parameters are set and adjusted on the HMI.  Jaco Liebenberg, M&C Panel Divisional Manager, states

“Our panels are innovative, responsive and we support our clients reliably. The panel is customizable and modular. The result is better efficiency and lowered operating cost.” 

The unit is also available on a rental option. (For more information email jaco@drydencombustion.co.za)

Dryden’s premises house a full Works facility in Alrode.  Where work cannot be completed in the field, there are full facilities for repairs and boiler maintenance. Numerous teams are dedicated to 24/7 availability and cover all aspects of repairs and maintenance, including statutory inspections and coal and ash handling. Dedicated technicians also assemble hot water boilers on site and test before being delivered to clients.

Over and above this, a full store is equipped with a wide range of spares for all makes of boilers. Lead time on orders is greatly reduced.  Excellent service as well as years of experience in the steam industry has led to spares of the highest quality being supplied from Dryden’s spares division.  Included in the Dryden spares offering are spares for burners of all fuel types, backed up by 24/7 support and service. 

Completing the product bouquet Dryden offers Steam Outsourcing options for long term steam solutions or Boiler Hire/Rental for shorter time periods.