Global warming, pollution, world energy forums, green councils, sustainable energy, energy efficiency and insulation are some of the “buzz” words flying around. This sounds dramatic, but in real terms a few basic principles apply that gives meaning to it all.

Compliance with specifications, monitoring of thermal values and fire ratings are all in the forefront of professional and industry thinking at this time.

A simple fact is that the use of insulation saves on energy consumption, which in turn saves on cost.

Saint Gobain Isover’s wide range of insulation products are available to cover a variety of applications where essential savings can be implemented. Be it in low temperature building applications that encompass the insulation of ceilings, factory roofs, HVAC / air conditioning and acoustics or high temperature applications in general industry including boilers, turbines, steam piping, and ovens to name but a few. There is a product that will be ” fit for purpose.”

Saint Gobain Isover is a global leader in the manufacture of thermal and acoustic glasswool insulation, which is locally manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and its Springs plant achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2012.

  • Energy Efficiency – Meets the requirements of SANS 10400 XA by reducing heat loss/gain due to the inherent thermal insulation properties.
  • Acoustic Properties – Offers exceptional acoustic properties and enhances indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise.
  • Fire Properties – Non-combustible material tested to SANS 10177 Part 5 and achieves a Class 1 fire index rating when tested to SANS 10177 Part 3.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Glasswool is made from a combination of naturally occurring silica, fluxing agents and up to 80% recycled glass. Glasswool has a zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and no CFCs or HCFCs are produced in the production process.

Quality is essential in the choice of insulation, relative to density and thickness, which determines the efficiency of the product. All the technical information is available in order to make an educated choice of product to fulfil and satisfy the philosophy of energy savings and reduce energy consumption.

Global Innovative Building Systems has been supplying insulation products and technical support to these industries for over 30 years.