Electro Air

According to the appointed distributors, ELECTRO AIR, the AIRSTREAM ranges of Puma Power compressor pumps are highly reliable industrial rated compressors, surpassing the domestic type compressors currently being offered by most compressor suppliers that are built for the handy man market, not for professional business. An array brands have flooded the market over the last decade – due to the attractively low initial capital cost. However, most end-users are not aware of the pitfall long-term ownership cost involved when opting for a poorly designed reciprocating air compressor.


“Currently most small piston compressors imported into South Africa are fundamentally built for domestic use, as their design allows only for intermittent use where the load duty cycle of the compressor is confined to a maximum of 40% loading,” says Kevin Rushmer, ELECTRO AIR Sales Manager.

If this duty cycle is exceeded they inevitably fail because of overheating, which can be caused by a number of factors such as inferior valve design, poor quality ancillary components and inferior cooling due to excessive and high running speeds. The use of aluminium crank cases with weak bearing design and timid valves as well as inferior discharge non return valves are also to blame, these design saving costs dramatically reduce the compressors life expectancy especially when the Load duty cycle is repetitively exceeded. Most of these compressors are lucky to last the warrantee period in industrial applications, or fail very soon thereafter. Reliability is compromised as no OEM spares are locally available and back up support is limited.

Another very factor to consider when purchasing a receiver mounted air compressor is the validity of the air vessel.

“With recent changes in the OHS act, many small imported compressors are supplied with air receivers built abroad, which are now considered illegal and non-compliant according to new local mandatory laws. Many users buying these products do not realise that operating an illegal pressure vessel in your factory or in fact at home, is potentially like having a bomb on your premises and in the event of a vessel exploding, will render serious legal implications for the owner,” continues Rushmer.

“AIRSTREAM Puma Powered compressors surpass all these deficiencies, fitted with high quality components, legal ancillaries and total reliability achieved by utilising the robust cast iron “PUMA” air compressor pump, units are available in single or two stages for ultra-efficiency.”

PUMA pumps can operate under 80% load duty cycle without failure as they are mechanically built to perform at that load, and thus capable of maintaining low operating temperatures due to their inherent design and low running speeds.

Rushmer says, “The PUMA pump has proven itself in our local market having been supplied successfully for the last 45 years in this market sector, these compressor pumps have served the industrial market in a multitude of applications and also the general motor Industry, offering trouble free, low maintenance. They have the reputation as highly reliable air compressor pumps and last a life time when well maintained,” concludes Rushmer.

ELECTRO AIR compressors the appointed distributor for AIRSTREAM have recently launched the latest range of AIRSTREAM compressors with Puma Power pumps ranging from 2,2kw to 15kw however only with 308/3/50hz supply and are available countrywide with professional after sales service centres in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Natal and the Free State.

AIRSTREAM reciprocating compressors supplied through ELECTRO AIR carry a 24-month warranty when selected and sized correctly for the application by ELECTRO AIR based in Bellville Cape Town, who not only serve the compressor industry locally, but offer sales and service countrywide.