Inhibiting scaling and corrosion on heat transfer surfaces

Loading 1 ton Diesel fired Boiler

Allmech was founded in the mid 90’s and originated as a steam and hot water boiler manufacturer that soon branched out into manufacturing and supplying the water softeners and chemicals to their customers to ensure optimal utilisation of the boilers.

In addition to high quality equipment and chemicals is a skilled technical team that specialises in servicing the equipment and maintaining the softeners on a regular basis. Monthly tests and tailored maintenance programmes are developed for each customer ‘s specific needs and requirement s.

Allmech’s water treatment division specialises in the chemical treatment of boilers and cooling systems to inhibit scaling and corrosion of heat transfer surfaces, as well as the building and supply of water softeners, chemical dosing systems and TDS controllers to suit various industrial needs. It manufactures and supplies cost effective chemicals to save its customers from unnecessary damage and maintenance costs. Its vast range of customers include food processing plants, tyre manufactures, meat plants, bakeries, hospitals, farmers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies amongst others.

Allmech is the official agent for Runxin®, multi-functional flow control valves for water treatment systems, in South Africa as well as being qualified to service all other major brands of softener control valves. It supplies a full range of filter and softener valves; electronic as well as manual , ideal for various applications . Allmech is fully equipped to test, service and repair valves locally. Spares are readily available and all technicians are trained and equipped to carry out minor repairs on-site.

Another added benefit that Allmech supplies is a comprehensive range of ceramic ball valves. These valves are non-corrosive and are chemical resistant . This allows for a much more durable and reliable product that is also very cost effective with an extended service life. These valves are manufactured to open and close easily with the ceramic ball as the core sealing part minimising friction and providing better corrosion and dirt resistance. The ceramic ball valves are available in manual or motorised units and in different configurations.