Rio-Carb director Colin Maine

In an effort to improve efficiencies and deliver quality products to customers ahead of time, Chromium Carbide (CrC) liner plate expert Rio-Carb has invested in a superior welding machine that has enabled the company to deliver 1km worth of its standard RC700 overlay pipeline to a power generation plant.

The pipes are used in the power generation process at the plant for de-ashing. Coal and pulverised fuel go through burners and generate power and energy. After the process the material turns to ash, which needs to be removed from the plant through the pipes.

Rio-Carb director Colin Maine explains that the machine to manufacture the pipes was locally made and designed according to the requirements of the company.

“Discussions about parameters and specifications for the project were first held two years ago and were finalised early this year. It will take six months for the manufacturing process to be completed and we have already started to deliver some of the pipes,” says Maine.

The machine joins two rolled halves of the pipes by welding them together and the plasma cutting machine cuts the raw pipes into various segments and fabricates them accordingly. This modular welding unit will add onto the company’s existing machinery and make the manufacturing process more efficient, quick and the welding more accurate. The manufacturing of the pipes will be completed in May 2016. The company is also tasked with supplying flanges, bends, intersections and other key pieces for the project. 

According to Maine, Rio-Carb’s overlay pipes are made using a unique method.

“The pipes are cut into two halves and bonded together through a specialised AWS (American Welding Standards) welding procedure. Our clients appreciate the superior quality of the pipes and Rio-Carb’s manufacturing techniques that fit in with their delivery schedule and requirements.”

The custom-made welding machine, which can do horizontal welding and joints, complements the company’s plasma cutting machine, which is high definition and works within 1 mm of accuracy, and boasts an innovative database program for all diameters.

Maine highlights that the company will be able to add value to its clients, thanks to the reduced delivery time the machine brings.

“Customers will get the benefit of longer wear life, better accuracy, better manufacturing processes of our products and reduced delivery time,” says Maine.

Maine concludes saying, “We are committed to investing capital in machines with the latest technology to improve our product and service offering, and to always deliver a quality product to our customers on time and meet their requirements, which is extremely important to us.”