Atlas Copco

Compressors are the lifeline on any job site for the reliable supply of quality portable air that is essential for powering air-dependent equipment.

According to Atlas Copco Construction Technique’s Portable Energy division, when it comes to on-site air supply, a one-size-fits-all policy is not the answer. The division recently extended its compressor offerings: the XAT(V)S 186 compressor range, as well as the 8 Series, have been boosted by the recent introduction of the XATS 900E.

“The XATS 900E is perfectly suited to job sites with a ready supply of power. The unit’s corrosion-resistant canopy, designed for operation in all weather conditions, delivers both cost and time savings for the end user as the need for additional rooms and enclosures is eliminated. This extremely user-friendly compressor can be conveniently placed anywhere at any time, ready to supply air when needed,” says David Stanford, Business Line Manager, Portable Energy division.

The XAT(V)S 186 and 8 Series compressors incorporate the latest advances in Atlas Copco’s pioneering air element design, which delivers a number of cost-saving benefits: improved efficiency; unmatched reliability; reduced weight; increased machine lifetime; and longer service intervals.

“This is Portable Energy’s value proposition that is embodied in all our air compressors and which differentiates us as a preferred supplier of portable energy products,” adds Stanford.

The 8 Series line-up, introduced in 2016, currently comprises ten models ranging from the XAS 38 Kd to the XAS 88 Kd with a free air delivery of 2m3/min and 5m3/min respectively. Two models in the range are supplied with built-in generators.

The 8 Series compressors consume significantly less fuel (12% on average) and are up to 150kg lighter than comparable models.

“The compact compressor which incorporates a full-size fuel tank, aftercooler and generator weighs less than 750kg,” says Stanford, adding that the largest compressor in the range (XAS 88 Kd) can be conveniently towed by a standard passenger vehicle.

The 8 Series boasts a new and updated HardHat® canopy ensuring that these models are tough enough to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Easily accessible parts ensure simple service and impressively the 8 Series only requires an hour’s total service time over two years of operation.