Largest dredge pump supplied to Southern Oceaneering

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Stikland based Cape Mining Supplies (CMS) report the delivery of the largest Dragflow hydraulically driven submersible dredge pump yet supplied on the African continent. This order was received from Marine Civils Contractor Southern Oceaneering who was awarded the dredging and sand bypass maintenance contract at Coega’s deep water port of Ngqura.

Its contract with Transnet involves the construction of a 212m long Geo-container revetment repair, and dredge removal of rocks and debris from the sand by-pass pumps to allow the efficient operation of the jet sand bypass system.

Southern Oceaneering has more than 30 years’ local and international experience in dredging harbours, marinas and inland waterways. CMS sales manager Janice Hartzenberg who secured the order, explained that the Dragflow unit is a model HY300A which as a delivery capacity of 900m3 /h at heads up to 34m.

“The unit weighs 3.5t and will be coupled to a 214kW hydraulic power pack which is under construction by a supplier in Paarden Eiland. Final assembly and commissioning is due to take place early in June” she said.

Dragflow pumps have a worldwide reputation of being able to handle the toughest abrasive and corrosive slurries of up to 1.8 Specific Gravity, offering heads up to 70m and flow rates over 3 000m3 /h that can deliver material over distances more than a kilometer.

They have made their name in the most challenging of applications such as a 300m deep ocean pipeline installation and are also the pumps that keep the Venice canals free of silt – an installation that must cope with a 6m spring tide variation.

Cape Town based Cape Mining Supplies has positioned itself as an alternative source of components to various OEM manufacturers. They sell valves, slurry pumps and performance pump parts primarily into the slurry handling market.

According to their M.D John Kosterman, they have identified a number of products that are regarded as obsolete by the respective OEM’s, and for which parts are becoming scarce, but for which a strong market still exists.

In addition to the slurry pumps and pumps spares CMS has also secured distributorships with companies such as Tsurumi Pumps SA, the South African agent for the Italian Dragflow range.

Dragflow offers electric and hydraulic slurry submersible pumps, and dredging equipment, for markets such as harbour dredging, tailings removal, river sand mining, and other reclamation projects