Spraying Systems Co. says it’s committed to the development and implementation of a sustainable management system. With product lines that provide sustainable solutions to its customers, its goal is to address and develop practices that are beneficial to the environment.

The company says its electrostatic spray systems are proven to reduce system downtime, eliminate lubricant waste, and save clients money. Using low flow rates combined with electrostatic technology, its clients can be sure they’re getting precise, uniform coverage whether they are coating a pin-chain or a series of baking pans.

Benefits include:

  • 99%transfer efficiency
  • No misting – cleaner, safer work environment
  • Drastically reduced product contamination
  • Reduce liquid consumption up to 70%
  • IM proves product quality with uniform coating
  • Easy to maintain

In electrostatic spraying, a negatively charged liquid coating is attracted to a neutral, grounded target. This simple principle has powerful implications for advanced coating technology.

The physical attraction of the liquid to the target pulls the coating to an object’s surface, providing a very high transfer efficiency; typically over 99%.

Due to the attraction and low flow precision spray, overspray is virtually eliminated, reducing clean-up and improving the work environment.

The patented electrostatic single-point system applies lubrication with precision, saving oil and reducing maintenance and downtime.

With no moving parts to wear out, maintenance is drastically reduced.

The system’s low-flow injector pumps can deliver lubricant to as many as eight nozzles with independently controlled flow rates. The standard nozzle includes quick change tips with multiple orifice size options from 0.254 to 1.27mm ID.

Also available is a heated spray systems which applies a heated lubricant with precision reducing waste, maintenance and downtime. Lubricant recirculates through the system, allowing the substance to remain warm before application. The heated tank assembly includes integrated thermocouples, a heated pump, and continuous heated lines to provide optimal temperature control. Nozzles are capable of reaching temperatures of 121°C

Spraying Systems Co. is a leader in spray technology. It has a broad product range and ten manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 85 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, custom fabrication and research/testing services comprise the 76-year-old company’s offering.