MARECHAL for ARC flash protection

MARECHAL for ARC flash protection

The DECONTACTOR™ design includes a safety shutter which effectively eliminates the source of arc flash exposure by containing any discharge within the socket’s arc chambers. The socket-outlets safety shutter prevents unintended access to live parts. Added to this, it is not possible to remove the plug until the connection has been safely broken.

Thanks to the Marechal® DECONTACTOR™ being a switch-rated socket offering line of sight disconnection, the use of Marechal’s plugs and sockets do not require hazard analysis, voltage testing, flash boundaries & cumbersome PPE.

The DECONTACTOR™ technology allows for safe make and break under full load up to 250A @ 1000V making it an ideal plug-and-play connector for welders, motors and other portable electrical equipment.

Invest in the safety of your operators on site, with the added benefit of an extended product lifespan and long-term savings.