The image shows elements of the System Pro E Comfort Mistral Range.

The Mistral is described by the Mediterranean sailing community as “a strong northerly wind in the Gulf of Lions and Rhone Valley. The air is usually dry, bringing bright and clear weather with freezing temperatures to the south of France. The Mistral often reaches gale force, especially in winter and is capable of raising a heavy sea in a short space of time.”

The introduction of ABB’s System pro E range of consumer enclosures, aptly named ‘Mistral’, is set to change the local enclosure marketplace, according the company. Imagine a consumer enclosure that provides the flexibility to allow its use in most every kind of electrical distribution environment, whether it be commercial, domestic or industrial.

“Mistral offers a versatile, efficient and safe solution to electrical engineers, contractors and installation owners.”

System pro E Mistral offers fast and easy installation due to features such as ample internal space to allowing fast and easy cabling enhanced the by provision of cable ties anchor eyeholes. Furthermore, various snap-op terminal blocks that are separately colour-coded can be installed in both the upper and lower sections of the unit. These terminal blocks form part of an extensive range of accessories.

Elegance, form and function are all integral to the Mistral’s design philosophy. This is evident in features such as ‘perfect symmetry’, allowing for the rotation of either the front panel or the entire unit allowing for door opening to be from either left or right. To facilitate use and service the door opens a full 180° and can be opaque or transparent, you choose. The enclosures are offered as flush, in-wall or wall-mounted products and all share recyclable thermoplastic construction. Coupled with this installation flexibility the series offers either IP41 or IP66 ratings, determined by the selected configuration.

Mistral reflects ABB’s approach to innovation, where we embrace a long-term perspective through the use of eco-compatible materials for our products, from manufacture to disposal the environment’s protection is considered. The System pro E range and been assessed for environmental compatibility using the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology and has shown to comply with best practice.