More uplifting genie magic from Goscor Hi-Reach

Genie GS-4069 Scissors Lift from Goscor Hi-Reach_all the benefits of hybrid technology in a bi-energy version.

Goscor Hi-Reach, the official distributor of Genie’s extensive and well-known range of equipment in Southern Africa, once again sets the benchmark to new heights with the launch of four new Genie lifting options.

George Landsberg, Managing Director of Goscor Hi-Reach, expresses great excitement about these new machines from Genie. “Customers are spoilt for choice with this line-up of two articulated boom lifts and two scissor lifts. With distinctive features that meet a variety of indoor and outdoor lifting applications, these machines are a game changer, particularly for the construction industry.”

“The GS-4069 Series is undoubtedly one of the most exciting of the new machines,” continues Landsberg. “Whilst not entirely new, with battery operated and rough terrain units introduced to the market approximately two years ago, this latest development from Genie delivers all the benefits of hybrid technology in a unique bi-energy version.” Equally at home indoors and outdoors, the Genie GS-4069 BE is the textbook first-on-site-last-off-site solution for the construction industry. Under diesel power the Genie GS-4069 will go about its duties during ground-breaking and structural work. Once the building is enclosed, a simple flick of the switch to battery power and the machine is ready to perform its indoor duties ensuring a safe, comfortable, no-noise, emission-free working environment. Landsberg points out that the extreme flexibility of this two-in-one unit makes it a highly convenient and affordable rental option as both outdoor and indoor duties can be performed by one machine.

The working height of just under 14m of the battery operated GS-4047, the next offering in Goscor Hi-Reach’s new products, makes it unique amongst scissor lifts. “Very few manufacturers are able to offer battery operated scissor lifts that can reach this height,” says Landsberg. Another outstanding feature of this machine is that it can be driven at full height. The machine covers a large variety of indoor lifting applications especially where more height is required such as atriums and large volume areas typically found in warehouses, shopping centres, casinos, conference centres, etc. Produced in the UK, the unit weighs just over 3 tons and has a lifting capacity of 350kg in the basket. According to Landsberg, the GS-4047 has been available to the local market for some 18 months but the latest offering is designed to USA ANSI specifications.

Goscor Hi-Reach’s two new articulated boom lift offerings from Genie include the rough terrain diesel driven Z-62/40 and the light-weight battery operated Z-33/18. The improved design of the diesel machine which replaces the previous generation Z-60/34, provides better accessibility. The working height has been extended by an additional 70cm to 20.87m while the outreach has been substantially improved by an additional 2m to a maximum of 12.47m. With the added benefits of zero tail swing for easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces and 4-wheel drive for easy negotiation of rough uneven terrain, the Z-62/40 will improve productivity by getting the job done quickly, safely and effectively, making it the perfect lifting solution on construction sites.

“The Z-33/18 meets industry’s call for a light-weight battery operated articulated boom lift with a reach of between 10m to 12m for indoor applications,” continues Landsberg. “Weighing in at just over 3tons (3 665kg), a working height of 12m and a maximum outreach of 5.57m, this battery operated machine is one of very few on the market in this size.” With zero tail swing, this light weight unit is ideal for indoor operation in constricted areas and where there are weight restrictions on slabs or floors where the work has to be carried out. With the first six units already on their way to South Africa, Landsberg is particularly optimistic about the prospects for this unique machine in the market and says it will fill a definite gap in the industry.

The four new Genies are also available as rental options from specialist rental company Goscor Access Rental. Managing Director, Dean Jones, is extremely happy with the machines. “Genie is a well-known, well-accepted, tried and tested brand in South Africa and this new product line-up further broadens our rental scope to the market.”

Goscor Hi-Reach, part of the Goscor Group of Companies and Imperial Group, based in Alrode, south of Johannesburg, is a leading supplier of a quality range of famous brand work-at-height equipment and light towers to diverse industries across Southern Africa. The company specialises primarily in Genie Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) which make up some 80% of the business. Material and boom lifts as well as telescopic handlers (increasingly) also form part of the extensive Genie portfolio which is backed by professional allied service support from the highly skilled Goscor Hi-Reach team.