Moulding a successful partnership

Pulp fibre moulding machinery design and production specialist, Southern Pulp Machinery (SPM,) maintains its reputation by making use of high quality components across its production line.

Cape Town-based SPM boasts an installation footprint that spans across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. SPM plant engineer, Manfred Habeck, indicates that there has been consistent growth in demand for the company’s range of moulded fibre machinery – a trend he attributes to superior quality and support.

“Competition from low-cost machine suppliers in Asia has increased significantly, which has made competitiveness more challenging. SPM prides itself on the fact that it places quality and excellence ahead of pricing. Another major contributing factor to this continued success is the range of drive solutions supplied by SEW-EURODRIVE,” he states.

SPM has been specialising in the design and manufacture of conventional moulders, special moulders, thermo forming moulders and end-of-line equipment for more than 26 years. Throughout this period, the company has relied on SEW-EURODRIVE’s standard AC geared motors fitted with external encoders to drive its machines.

“Our more modern machines utilise SEW-EURODRIVE’s servo motor driven gearboxes to enhance machine capabilities and increase set-up flexibility. Introducing new technology is always risky. With SEWEURODRIVE’s assistance, however, SPM has developed accurate synchronised motion that can be adjusted onthe-fly without the need to stop the machines during production,” Habeck declares.

Additional SEW-EURODRIVE products utilised by SPM include; Movitrac drives, Movidrives, MoviPLCs, brake resistors, and drive setup and monitoring software. Habeck adds that SEW-EURODRIVE’s unrivalled product quality is supported by world-class after-sales and technical support. “We are dependent on timeous delivery and overall performance, and SEW-EURODRIVE representatives are quick to respond during breakdowns or modifications, and always display commitment to speedily resolving any issues, anywhere in the world. Additional value-added services include; assistance with component selection and accurate online 3D CAD models of geared motors,” he continues.

Habeck reveals that SPM has developed a new thermo-forming machine, which he believes could become a market leader in its field when comparing energy requirement per product produced to similar machines available from competitors.

“The first machine is undergoing production trials and results are very promising. This machine utilises at least 11 SEW-EURODRIVE geared motors, in addition to various drives, as well as the MoviPLC motion controller.”

Looking to the future, Habeck is confident that the relationship between SEW-EURODRIVE and SPM will strengthen.

“SPM continually strives to gain market share through innovation and consistency. We are also reliant on suppliers such as SEW-EURODRIVE that share a similar business ethos. Given the decades of success between the two companies, I am confident of what the future holds for this mutually beneficial partnership,” he concludes.