New optimax injector offers superior mixing – increases yield

Spraying Systems Co.

Now there is a better option for torch oil, slurry backflush, quench, and other similar injection operations – the OptiMax injector from Spraying Systems Co. The OptiMax injector is specially designed to produce a uniform spray pattern for quick vaporization.

The OptiMax injector mixes steam with the oil using a unique, patented atomization process. This process ensures thorough mixing of the steam and oil prior to injection. The mixed fluid that exits the injector consists of small drops in a uniform spray pattern.


• Thoroughly mixed fluid and uniform spray coverage optimize the effectiveness of the chemical reaction

• Fast vaporization of the hydrocarbon for quicker reaction in the process stream

• Better control of drop size over a wide flow rate range provides more operating flexibility

• Durable, dependable design for long wear life

Ideal for

• Additive injection

• Torch oil injection

• Hydrocarbon atomization

• Slurry backflush

• Quench

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