OMAL innovative valves and actuators from Tectra Automation

OMAL innovative valves and actuators from Tectra Automation

Tectra Automation, part of the Hytec Group of Companies, is the sole sub-Saharan Africa and South African supplier of the OMAL range of valves and actuators, including the niche range tailored for use in the oil and gas industry. What separates OMAL valves and actuators from competing OEMs is that the entire manufacturing process is under OMAL’s internal control. All valves and actuators are engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested in OMAL’s three state-of-the-art production facilities in Northern Italy.

Tectra Automation’s range of OMAL products include:

  • Ball valves: comprising floating ball valves in wafer, split-wafer-contraction or split-body; and trunnion-mounted ball valves designed for most heavy-duty applications and high-pressure services.
  • Ball valves for high pressure: designed specifically for compressed natural gas (CNG) service, the OMAL HERCULES series of ball valves for high pressure is a threaded-end ball valve series that equips CNG compressors and dispensers that require high cyclicity and long reliability. Its design has resulted in durability equal to six times more than that of any other OEM’s valves used previously by OMAL’s customers around the world.
  • Empowered valves for the chemical industry: The PRO-CHEMIE-60 series has been tested for Endurance Fugitive Emission Gas-Testing for 60 000 cycles – and certified by third party agents. These valves harmful emissions entering the atmosphere and comply with the most stringent regulations worldwide.
  • Pneumatic actuators: Tectra Automation has a large portfolio of pneumatic actuators for a wide field of applications. Because they are based on the Scotch Yoke system, these actuators are lighter, more compact and less air-consuming, and have a long, maintenance-free lifetime.

Dual-stage pneumatic actuators with an integrated manual override allows for emergency operation when there is no power available and its range of HD Actuators have been designed specifically for oil & gas, but can be used in all types of service such as BDV, ESDV, SDV and HIPPS, among others.

  • Pneumatic valves: this range comprises automatic valves like the angle seat and axial valves. Suitable to work for one million cycles without downtime, angle seat valves are Y-shaped pneumatic valves with integrated and plastic-cased actuators. They can be manufactured in bronze or stainless steel and, with high velocity cycles, are the preferred valves for process machines.

The pneumatic axial valves make up OMAL’s patented VIP-series. They are a special threaded-end brass axial valve designed for pneumatic applications with a life of 500 000 cycles. Their compact size makes them ideal for use in machines with limited space.