Engineering News reports that according to Dr Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, eight firms are in the process of confirming and finalising agreements to build facilities at the Saldanha Bay IDZ (SBIDZ,) while a further 18 companies have shown interest in setting up in the IDZ.

Although the names of the 26 companies in all have not been released, they span industries that would support the proposed port expansions, and benefit from proposed tax incentives and duty-free facilities including:

  • Fabrication and repair
  • Logistics
  • Marine and rig building
  • Oil and gas contracting and drilling
  • Support services
  • Wells specialists

According to Davies there is no minimum requirement for companies wishing to build factories in any of the IDZs licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI.)

“The decision to accept an investor lies with the operating company, under the overall governance of its board of directors,” he commented.

The SBIDZ Licensing Company has an operator permit allowing it to manage and develop the zone, and according to Davies, is in the process of converting into a separate Provincial Business Public Entity.

The SBIDZ is still in the early stages of development, focussing on the physical infrastructure, but is marked to service the burgeoning oil and gas sector developing around the African continent and cash in on the lucrative, highly specialised rig repair industry.  It has therefore been designated as an oil and gas, marine repair, engineering and logistics services complex.

Transnet National Port Authority is expected to publish tenders to build the port facilities that will play an integral part in the IDZ within the next few months.  

By Jenni McCann


Engineering News

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