Proper maintenance will see you through

AESPUMP sales and marketing director Neil Britz.

The stagnating economy and a depressed oil price are combining to shift the emphasis from capital purchases to implementing a strategy of effective maintenance of machinery already installed at South Africa’s petrochemical refineries and chemical plants.

One company well positioned to supply effective maintenance and operational support is AESPUMP, the authorised channel partner and service provider for Sundyne, Sunflo, Ansimag and HMD pumps and compressors.

The company offers a multi-faceted service strategy that sales and marketing director Neil Britz explains is centred around delivering a trouble-free customer experience.

“A big part of the service offering is effective management of the equipment lifecycle, because the process environment in which the equipment resides will inevitably experience changes due to different operating demands,” explains Britz.

Industry compliance, changes in standards, and changes in the process itself are typical examples of changes that can cause a chain reaction of events, and adversely affect the key efficiency points.

“The result can be increased power consumption, suction or discharge recirculation, temperature rise and/or cavitation,” warns Britz.

AESPUMP’s answer to these problems is a re-rating service geared to ensuring that the Sundyne pump or compressor is operating at its best efficiency point.

“We accomplish the re-rating on site, without disrupting the process piping or installation,” says Britz, “and the preventative maintenance service includes replacement of worn parts such as ball bearings, seals, o-rings and oil filters.”

“The sequence that we follow is to review the original design conditions and define the current plant operating conditions, after which we re-rate the engineering selection to achieve a new performance, specify the new parts required, install them, carry out an operational performance test and then re-start the pump or compressor within the process itself.”

“The customer is given a revised expected performance curve, a revised specification sheet and an updated bill of materials for his records,” Britz adds.

Uptime assurance and off-site service support are two other important elements of the AESPUMP service offering.

Uptime assurance is a continuous improvement programme that integrates on-site service offerings for Sundyne products, while the off-site service programme provides for servicing of pumps and compressors at AESPUMP’s fully equipped workshops.

On-site service is greatly assisted by Sundyne’s reliability assurance kits, or RAKs, which are portable service packs containing essential service parts for pumps and compressors, including all design technical data, drawings and parts lists.

The kits focus on maintaining gearboxes and wet ends, and contain either a standard inventory or one customised with content matched to the unique serial numbers of individual Sundyne machines.

They represent progress beyond the traditional approach to spare parts and maintenance.  Sundyne’s thinking is that the kits will ensure that the end user has the exact parts needed for planned production shutdowns, maintenance or critical repairs, providing a cost effective means to keep the pump or compressor operating at peak efficiency while maintaining the warranty.

All service kits are conveniently packaged in carrying cases that can be re-ordered using a single parts number linked to the original equipment serial number, eliminating the need for the end user to track dozens of numbers in his ERP system.

Typical RAK contents cover the recommended spare parts lists for a Sundyne LMV/BMP pump, a Sunflo pump or a Sundyne LMC/BMC compressor, including the output seal, breather, bearings, a bearing plate, anti-rotation plate and optional lubrication pump.  Each kit includes specification sheets and performance curves.

Cases are self-sealing to minimise contamination and corrosion, and used parts are re‑stocked using kit refills.