The new Liquiline To Go CYM290/CYM291 multiparameter handhelds for pH, conductivity and oxygen measurement, bring reliability and safety directly to the sample point. The portable instruments guarantee stable measuring values and easy control of measuring points in all environmental conditions.

Whenever and wherever a pH, conductivity and oxygen value needs to be controlled Endress+Hauser’s Liquiline To Go meters provide correct values with 100% signal integrity. They are equipped with Memosens technology that converts the sensor values into a digital signal and transmits it interference-free. The result are reliable measuring values with which the user can take correct and appropriate actions fast to keep the process running under optimal conditions.

Grab sample analysis with different technologies as installed in the process, often leads to inconsistencies and measurement discrepancies. Liquiline To Go handhelds allow the use of the same robust Memosens sensors as in the process. This guarantees a full data consistency between lab and process measurements and maximises the reliability of the grab-sample results.

Both Liquiline To Go versions can be used in the most challenging environments. The robust housing with ingress protection to IP66/67 brings a large improvement for the safety in many process industries. A fast control of measurement values directly at the sample point is now possible, with a minimised risk of sample contamination. In addition to the CYM290 version, the CYM291 with ATEX/IECEx certification allows process control also in hazardous areas.

Designed for easy handling, the Liquiline To Go meters have direct menu-guidance on the display and same function behind the keys for each parameter. Additionally, they facilitate the exchange between different sensors and parameters – directly at the sample point with hot plug and play of pre-calibrated sensors.