Apex Welding Screens are available as either fixed installations or as portable welding screens

Safety in the workplace continues to be a prime focus, and many manufacturing operations make use of Apex Welding Screens to ensure workers are protected against weld splatter and fumes as well as from harmful UV radiation.

Apex Welding Screens are available in various configurations to suit a variety of individual requirements. The most popular version has a freestanding frame, allowing easy handling and portability. The feet of the screen are angled to allow optimum utilisation of floor space and screens can be butted together at a 900 angle.

These features further promote ease of erection, making it simple to set up and arrange the screens in different shapes according to the specific demands of each particular workshop.

The screens absorb, scatter and filter the light spectrum to create a safer working environment for the welder and any co-workers and supervisors in the immediate vicinity. Tested by the SABS for ultra-violet transmittance, conventional materials gave readings of 0.0005%, 0.008% and 5.0% as opposed to Apex readings of 0.005%, 0.001% and 0.005%.

Tests for total visible light transmittance demonstrated incontestably that conventional materials permit 78% while Apex material allowed only 15.5% light transmittance – a dramatic difference, particularly when one considers long term exposure of workers and the consequent repercussions on their eyesight and even their skin.

Another most important design characteristic of the Apex Welding Screen is the patented Balledge® design on individual strips, which facilitates easy access for both personnel and equipment to cordoned-off areas. Strips are made from specially formulated PVC material, and are impervious to burning.