Saving energy with Electro Air

Permanent magnet rotary screw air compressor

Electro Air, Western Cape’s well-known distributor of industrial air compressors is proud to announce the launch of its energy saving, ‘Permanent magnet rotary screw air compressor’ range covering 22kw to 75kw SCRPM compressors.

The new PM compressor which they are now calling the ‘third generation,’ can save up to 30% to 40% of your power usage.

“The special energy savings of the motor emanates from the use of a rare earth Neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic material. The excellent magnetic properties and high efficiency of this permanent magnetic material, allows the motor to be run at a low RPM, for extended periods of time” explains Kevin Rushmer, Sales consultant at Electro Air.

Rushmer further explains that manufacturers of rotary screw compressors incorporating Permanent Magnet (PM) drives have all experienced problems in the past with air cooled Permanent Magnet motors even though the technology is considered the most advanced new driver for Air compressors.

“The main cause of PM Motor failure was due to overheating, a Permanent Magnet motor fails when the motor temperature exceeds 130°C. The properties of the material incorporated in the magnets lose strength and the magnet can be permanently damaged.”

The third generation “Endurance” Italian designed PM motor developed through wind generator technology incorporates the (NdFeB) which can withstand temperatures up to 180°C.

“The motor exceeds IE3 International standards of efficiency, under variable load conditions, as well as with limitless stop and starts,” he says proudly.

“The running speed can lower to 25% compared to the limitation of 40% prevalent on most other VSD compressors available in the market today.”

The unit also does not have conventional roller bearings as the shaft is Morse tapered and magnetically suspended and simultaneously balances the screw air ends bearing load, bolting directly on to the elements flange. It thus does not require a drive coupling arrangement.

Proverbially this makes the motor maintenance free, besides the fact that it will never overheat while the compressor is running and will offer optimum efficiency at all times as long as the compressor station is well maintained.

Rushmer ends off by saying that the airstream PM compressor motor is oil cooled using the same lubricant supply that is cooling down the compressor.

“This guarantees that the motor temperature will not exceed the compressors operating temperature.”

It is controlled by a thermal cut out sensor triggered when the compressor lubricant Exceeds 110°C far below the temperature parameter of the PM motor.

Efficiency and energy savings quoted on Airstream PM Compressors are thus totally plausible and can be verified scientifically. Electroair has partnered up with Merchant West Finance and can thus offer this state of the art technology to clients under the auspices of an “Operating Rental” making this revolutionary technology affordable to a broad base of clients.

“With savings opportunities like this, these compressors should literally sell themselves,” he says smiling.