Structa Water Storage Solutions to support municipalities and farmers especially during the drought

Structa Water Storage Solutions

As a member of the Structa Group of Companies, Structa Technology proudly services the municipalities and agriculture industries in the provision of much needed water storage solutions to local communities and the farmers especially during the drought currently experienced.

Over the years, the 40-year proprietary product, Prestank, has proven to be a hygienically safe, cost-effective, and reliable water-storage solution for municipalities, farmers, communities, commercial sectors, private sectors, mines and even for personalised storage. Especially now, during the drought experienced in the Western Cape, the two Structa water-storage products, namely the Roddy Tank, for lower water volumes, and The Prestank, for water volumes above 10,000 litres, can be of valuable aid to municipalities and farmers. These two products are known for being durable and cost effective.

Prestank can be used for various water storage applications, including temporary or permanent installations at municipal water infrastructure, farms ,building sites, hospitals, water utilities,  rural communities and mines. The Roddy Tank is ideally suited for smaller villages, schools and clinics in rural areas, and therefore suitable for small holder farmers as well. The Roddy Tank is a sectional, round, galvanised water storage tank that offers 3,900 litres, 7,200 litres and 10,000 litrescapacities.

Structa’s customisable, high-quality pressed-steel sectional tanks are hot-dip galvanised for corrosion control in accordance with SANS 121 (or ISO 1461) galvanising standards. The thickness of the hot-dip galvanised coat is applied within a range of 80μm to 100μm – more than five times that of zinc on pre-galvanised corrugated steel cylindrical tanks. This ensures an extended maintenance-free life when water with aggressively corrosive properties needs to be stored. 

Structa’s Prestank and Roddy Tanks are supplied nationally and internationally. Its track record speaks for itself.



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