Electro Air

Electro Air, the Airstream Compressors (Pty) Ltd distributor for the Western Cape offers total compressed air solutions with a comprehensive range of Airstream compressors available to the South African Industry.

The offering starts with PUMA power compressors (reciprocating air compressors) from 2,2kw to 15kw, single or two stage highly efficient industrial rated piston compressors, available with electric motors up to15kw and also diesel (9hp) or petrol (6.5hp) driven for clients who require heavy duty cast iron compressor reliability in the small to medium compressor range. Puma pumps are most suitable for general engineering and also the automotive Industry where reliability and high duty performance is a mandatory requirement.

The Airstream oil injected rotary screw compressor range offers users 3 options, firstly catering for affordability (7.5kW – 250kW), secondly performance (7.5kW – 400kW) and ultimately for exclusive and unique energy saving, with PM drive technology (22kW – 75kW).

Airstreams BD range is considered an entry level screw compressor, of high standard and quality, these fixed speed compressors are designed for normal compressed air requirements, where the utility duty is for a regular nine hour shift averaging 2200 hours per annum. The BD range is supplied standard with mineral lubricant and Schneider switchgear incorporating Star/Delta starting for energy saving and units are available from 7,5kw to 250kw to offer the best solution when users are seeking reliability at a reasonable price.

The Airstream SCR range offers the solution for heavy duty 24/7 performance in the range for fixed speed compressors. These units are supplied with highly rated Siemens switchgear and are supplied as a standard with long life synthetic lubricant, incorporating the Alywin German designed screw element. The SCR range has proven itself in the Cape region with several units running in major manufacturing plants, they have exceeded all expectations, clocking up 24000+ hours in their first 3 years of duty without any problem. The Airstream SCR range are high performance compressors with total reliability guaranteed.

Airstreams flagship model is however their range of Oil cooled Permanent Magnet driven air compressors. These units are third generation variable speed technology, with tried and tested Vector frequency control, which autonomically offers energy cost savings of up to 40% and more in certain applications, regardless of plant character or dynamics, as these Compressors are fitted with unique oil cooled Permanent Magnet motors and will thus save power constantly regardless of the number of stop and starts per minute, the motor exceeds IE3 efficiency and is capable of running in the speed range from 25% up to 100% and by virtue of the oil cooled design they cannot overheat!

The oil cooled Permanent Magnet driven compressor design has proven to be the most adept mode of compressor operation to guarantee tangible energy savings with total reliability, and its failsafe magnetic drive technology consequently also offers substantial maintenance cost savings, not achievable with any one of the current conventional variable speed air compressors available to the SA market. An Airstream PM compressor will pay for itself within 24 to 36 months by virtue of its inherent ability to constantly save electrical power and to consistently operate at optimum efficiency.