Transfer pumps for hazardous and viscous chemicals

Transfer pumps for hazardous and viscous chemicals

Filtration and Dosing are the importers and distributors of the ScopeNEXT Ltd (UK) range of manually operated liquid transfer pumps.  These pumps are ideal for the safe handling and transfer of hazardous and viscous chemicals from IBC (flow bin), 200 litre and 25 litre containers.  They are manufactured from food grade polypropylene and polyethylene and therefore are suitable for a wide range of liquid chemicals.

They are especially useful in the decanting of small measured volumes of chemicals which normally is difficult to manage.

As an example, it is quite easy to measure off a 200ml volume of (say) hydrochloric acid or caustic lye using the pump without spillage or wastage. This cannot be accomplished with the typical electrically driven transfer pumps and therefore should not be considered to be a substitute either way.

Filtration and Dosing was established in 1991 as a supplier, designer, manufacturer and installer of a wide range of chemical dosing processes especially for those relating to water.

Typical applications and projects include:

  • Effluent treatment
  • De-ionisation and water softening
  • Cooling tower and boiler water treatment equipment
  • Conductivity and pH control and dosing
  • Chemical dilution and dispensing
  • Liquid chemical transfer and batching