Ultrasonic water meter for instantaneous measurements

The Elis Flomic FL5024 is a battery-powered ultrasonic water meter intended for measuring flow rate instantaneously and pressure and consumption in water piping (standard EN 14154 for water works), water distribution systems and other industrial applications.

Compact and highly accurate, it offers long-term stability over a wide range of measured values, and conforms to the IP68* protection class.

The meter does not need any external power supply, has no moving parts and has significantly lower hydraulic losses.

The Flomic water meter is suitable for water consumption measurements. It can also be used for water-leak tracking and monitoring the general condition of water-supply networks where the meter output signals can be connected via data transfer systems to remote computer control stations.

The measurement method utilised by these meters is a single-beam transit-time pulse method, based on evaluation of the time needed for an ultrasonic signal to cross the distance between two measuring transducers.

In the standard version, the meter measures instantaneous flow rate (in m3/hour) and the total volume of water passed through the meter (in m3) in the given flow direction. The measured data is converted into passive pulse output signals.

*IP68: Ingress Protection Marking which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion.