Unique solution for gas cooling using SteamMax

SteamMax nozzles are new, high-efficiency steam nozzles that optimise gas cooling operations.

According to Spraying Systems Co., SteamMax nozzles are new, high-efficiency steam nozzles that optimise gas cooling operations and provide a cost-effective solution for plants with available steam. Unlike air atomising nozzles that require compressed air, patent-pending SteamMax nozzles use steam to atomise fluids and slurries. The unique design of the nozzle ensures tight drop size control and precise, efficient gas cooling.

The use of available steam eliminates the need for costly compressed air. With efficient atomisation and fluid mixing, condensation problems that can interfere with drop size consistency are eliminated. Wear-resistant materials ensure long service life. The simple design safeguards fast and easy maintenance


  • Small drops, efficient cooling, flexible operation – Drop size remains consistent over a wide liquid temperature range
  • Eliminate costly compressed air, compressors and some process piping – Significant reductions in operating costs result when using available steam
  • Simple and economical adjustments are possible should process conditions change – All spray tips fit on the same size body
  • Maintenance is fast and easy – SteamMax nozzles consist of only three pieces: nozzle body, nozzle inserts, and gaskets. No special tools are required for installation or maintenance
  •  Single source supply ensures optimal performance – Integration problems are eliminated by purchasing nozzles, injectors, engineering services and/or computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling from the same source

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