Wide range of sensors and control devices

ifm Valve feedback systems for quarter-turn actuators

IFM Electronic offers a wide range of control devices and sensor equipment, suitable for virtually industrial application.

Their mobile machine cameras display up to four camera images on one screen, providing a complete view at a glance.

The multi-view box has been designed for use in mobile machines in harsh environments and features four camera inputs. Depending on the requirements, 1, 2 or 4 camera images can be selected simultaneously in different arrangements via one control input. For example: Cam1 when moving forwards and Cam2 and 3 when moving backwards. In the “bird’s eye view” four camera images can even be combined to become one 360° view. A total of nine different display modes are available for the user.

Analogue video output

The IFM PDM360 dialogue module with analogue video input is also suitable for mobile use or any other video display with PAL video input can be used as display.

IFM’s range of robust MFH series position sensors for hydraulic cylinders is suitable for flush mounting in various steels. With its 1.8 mm sensing range it shows reliable switching characteristics. The new operating principle of this unit is based on a magnetic-inductive technology that detects only ferromagnetic metals (e.g. steel). It is sealed by means of an O-ring and a supporting ring towards the pressure area.

Besides use in hydraulic cylinders, the sensor is also ideal for other hydraulic components such as valves or pumps and operates reliably for the lifetime of the cylinder. Furthermore, it is used in mechanical engineering processes, e.g. in plastic injection-moulding or process industry applications. Its attractive price means the sensor can also be considered for simple components where this option used to be too expensive.

Kplus sensors – one sensing range for all metals

Kplus sensors have the same sensing range for all types of metals. They are perfectly suited for the detection of aluminium, where conventional sensors show a considerably reduced sensing range. The high switching frequencies enable the monitoring of fast changing switching states.

The resistant stainless steel sleeve allows reliable use in oil and coolant applications and a wide temperature range as well as the high protection ratings enable them to be used universally.

Quarter turn valve feedback sensor

A valve feedback sensor with easy wiring for quarter-turn actuators contains two inductive sensors in a potted and sturdy housing with protection rating IP 67. It signals two end positions. It is equipped with a solenoid connection replacing the additional cable to the solenoid valve.

Fast and easy wiring

The actuator interface is optionally equipped with a standardised M20 x 1 gland. The spacious terminal chamber allows quick and easy wiring. Since the terminal block can be removed, no new wiring is required if the sensor is replaced. A UL approval for this product is currently in progress.