New opportunity for innovative Western Cape firms to break into the market

Design for future Living - []

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has created a new opportunity for innovative Western Cape firms to break into the market and align their businesses to the changing demands of the future.

It takes the form of a new exhibition based on the Chamber’s highly successful Design for Living exhibition, but this time the focus will be on the future and some of the astonishing possibilities that lie ahead.

Design for Future Living kicks off at the Century City Conference Centre on June 23 and the first show will run for just three days. Exhibition rates have been pitched as low as possible to make it affordable for small firms and start-ups, while Century City provides an ultra-modern and safe venue.

The thinking behind the new exhibition is that in this rapidly changing world it has become essential for the public and businesses to keep one eye on the future. The changes are driven largely by advances in technology and they will impact on every aspect of our lives.

The show will be an opportunity for people to see new products and services  and to engage with exhibitors. It should be particularly exciting for the young who have embraced innovation across a wide field from food products to clothes and from hobbies to social media.

A Design for Future Living expo is a perfect fit for the Design Capital of the World and a city recognised as the most innovative in Africa.

We’re hoping for some really good new technology but we don’t expect technology to dominate. The expo will also be about offering solutions for life, work and play.

Our plan is to make Design for Future Living a meeting place where innovators engage with their customers and where customers come to terms with the possibilities offered by the future.