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Global paper and paper packaging producer, Sappi, is one of only a few local suppliers of raw materials into the packaging industry – and they take this role seriously. “We are passionate about our paper packaging ,” says Richard Wells, Sales and Marketing Director of Sappi’s Paper and Paper Packaging division in South Africa.

As such, the company has made it their business to understand the different market segment needs, as well as the rigorous demands on the vulnerability of fresh produce along the supply chain.

“Farmers and converters want to ensure that fresh produce is delivered unscathed throughout the supply chain, but they also need packaging that is versatile, value-for-money, environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is what our packaging solutions are geared to deliver,” adds Richard.

Sappi reaffirmed the importance of the containerboard market segment to their business and future growth. The company’s containerboard portfolio consists of virgin liner, semi-chemical fluting and test liner. Strength, high humidity performance and convertibility are some of the key attributes needed to ensure product freshness – from harvesting to packaging, transportation, cold storage and final point-of-sale.

Sappi’s Kraftpride linerboard and the fluting product, Ultraflute, count among its containerboard range manufactured to address these challenges. Sappi’s Ultraflute, for example, is used for high-end, heavy-duty agricultural and industrial packaging.

As such, its high virgin fibre composition gives it superior strength, resulting in stronger boxes, with improved stacking strength and multiple yield advantages. High humidity performance is another key packaging requirement to ensure that produce sent to market via the cold chain – such as fruit, vegetables, frozen fish and meat – arrive at their destination fresh and undamaged.

Ultraflute is excellent in withstanding changing cyclic humidity conditions and maintains this strength for long periods. In terms of convertibility (which is influenced by paper properties and machine running speeds), Sappi’s products offer improved flexibility and tensile, stretch and tear properties.

These factors allow for increased corrugator speeds and the optimum use of raw materials. An environmentally sound choice But strength and performance are not the only requirements for sustainable, quality packaging. Manufacturing processes aimed at protecting our planet are equally important.

To this end, the packaging raw material supplied by Sappi is made from sustainable, renewable resources. This means the fibre used in the company’s pulp and paper production processes are derived solely from sustainably managed plantations; never from indigenous or rain forests! These plantations are certified in terms of internationally recognised environmental and quality standards (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001), and carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp of approval.

Sappi’s containerboard products are also biodegradable and recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible choice for farmers, converters and retailers alike.