A satisfying 2016

The FAW 15_180FL

FAW SA has enjoyed a particularly memorable 2016, racking up unmatched milestones amongst FAW manufacturing plants outside of the headquartered plants in China.

Over the last three years FAW SA has committed over US$100m in local infrastructure, job creation and training. The Coega-based plant and nearby body-building facility have been in full operation for just over two years.

A highlight for 2016 was the production of the two thousandth locally-built truck at the Coega-based plant.

It is in the export market that FAW SA has been particularly prominent having one of the most consistent month-on-month export drives in the South African truck building industry – the company recently exceeded the 200 unit mark in exports into African countries.

“What is most gratifying is that many of the units being bought by sub-Saharan customers are now second, and soon to be delivered third generation repurchases. This affirms our commitment to service and support into the African regions,” says Jianyu Hao, CEO, FAW SA.

“The indications for 2017 remain largely similar to 2016. It will be a tough and competitive market in slow recovering economies. However, the opportunities are there and the chance of a one to three per cent growth is possible. We will continue to build on our customer relationships as we explore new possibilities.”