Lovingly Lifting

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Valentine’s Day is once more just around the corner and Retail steps up to promote the demand, drawing from Distribution Centres far and wide.

People all over the world send and receive cards, flowers, champagne, chocolate and vouchers for Spa days and weekends away. So, with all that TLC going around, you would think that one of the more vital cogs in the process gets a little more loving too – namely the humble forklift.

But no, there’s no time to get tender on Tinder for forklifts.  They just work all the way through, uncomplaining, coming in for the usual abuse, getting the blame constantly for damaged and collapsed racking amongst other things.

It’s not easy matching the right forklift with the right owner, the dance of the swans pales in comparison to the hardcore rituals in Materials Handling. With all the time and investment going into your forklift it is good to know that nobody loves and protects your forklift more than FMX.

FMX does not need a special day to simply do what it does every other day – dropping costs whilst simultaneously lifting productivity.

More importantly FMX does not skimp on safety to enhance productivity. You, the customer determines the appropriate balance for your operation and through world class features such as Ignition Left On, Excess Idle Cut Out, Transmission Protection, Engine Protection, Low Battery Cut Out etc. your forklift also gets a little loving helping it last many more happy years.

Love your forklift now with FMX.

Whisper sweet nothings to your Dealer now, or call us Direct on 0861000342.

  • John Valentine

Director at Real Telematics