Manitou makes construction easy

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The construction industry is diverse, with activities ranging from demolition to building, renovation and maintenance. In addition to this, working conditions are difficult when one considers weather, dust and tight deadlines – all while ensuring the utmost safety of workers.

Purchasing equipment specifically designed to carry out the diffe-rent tasks can be capital intensive and affect productivity with operators having to continuously change equipment.

What if there was a simple solution whereby one machine was capable of performing many tasks, safely? Manitou knows that safety and compactness are essential elements to successful site operations.

Manitou machines, and an extensive range of attachments, are quick to master and the quick-hitch attachment system is effortless. This means that one Manitou machine can fulfil an array of functions, thus eliminating the need for multiple capital outlays for a fleet of task-specific machinery.

Numerous attachments: forks, handlers, jibs, buckets, concrete skips, personnel cages, sweepers and winches provide flexibility and precision while increasing productivity. The compactness and the manoeuvrability of Manitou telehandlers, rotating telehandlers, compact loaders and access platforms are beneficial on confined sites or in urban areas.

The machines can be used on any terrain, with their high ground clearance and driving wheels enabling development in areas that are difficult to access. Demolition work requires great precision and substantial capabilities.

Manitou’s rough terrain capability allows the movement of heavy items or those which cannot be dismantled on uneven ground. Complex situations are accomplished with different steering modes: 2 or 4-wheel or crab steering.

From monument restoration to renovating residential houses, Manitou equipment allows access to various heights on external parts such as walls and the roof. By using rotating telehandlers or articulated platforms, there is no need to move the machine to change working areas as the platform offset and rotation capacities cover a large working area.

Some models are sufficiently compact to work indoors.

Manitou’s offerings expand beyond just equipment. Extendable warranty offers and “tailor made” maintenance contacts are available to suit customer needs ensuring that: equipment is always in an optimal state of maintenance; repair costs are kept to a minimum; all maintenance work is compliant.

Manitou supports its comprehensive materialhandling range nationally with a world-class service and support network. Its rapid response team operates throughout Southern Africa 24/7, 365 days a year.

All parts that are not held locally are flown in immediately. Manitou holds an extensive range and volume of parts in stock locally to ensure the shortest possible turnaround times.