Target Rigging continues to invest in materials handling equipment

Target Rigging continues to invest in materials handling equipment - []

From small humble beginnings in 2001 with 1 crane truck and 2 lowbeds, Target Rigging has continued to invest and expand in materials handling equipment. Presently Target Rigging has the following equipment:

• 5 crane trucks of various sizes and capabilities;
• 4 truck tractors;
• 4 forklifts of which the largest is a 12 tonner with extension forks;
• 4 mobile cranes in an associate company, D & H Cranes, with a 55 tonner being at the top of the range; and
• About 8 trailers of various descriptions. The trailers include a 4 axle extendable lowbed with ramps which under permit can transport 55t.

This was purchased in 2016 to cater for the need to transport 12m flatracks and over height containers requiring minimum height. These containers and flatracks are accommodated on the lower level of the lowbed and in certain instances, eliminate destuffing the containers prior to arrival at the customers.

There is also a 4 axle lowbed trailer with a folding gooseneck which under permit can carry 50t. This is ideal for construction equipment, even compactors which do not have wheels or tracks and are capable of damaging the deck. This particular lowbed transports them with ease.

In addition, the company has substantial quantities of rigging equipment including platforms, spreader beams up to 20t each and much more. Where necessary, the company manufactures specialised equipment for specific jobs. Health and Safety has become an essential requirement in many industries and.

Target Rigging boasts an enviable safety record which is enforced through continuous training and inductions at sites. We adhere to all requirements by clients including the provision of complete Safety Files.

  • The company is conveniently situated at 1 Consani Rd, Elsies River in the Consani Business Park.