Port Elizabeth is getting a name change – here are three popular options

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The Eastern Cape Provincial Geographical Names Committee (ECPGNC) has begun public hearings into proposed name changes in the Nelson Mandela Bay Local Municipality.

The hearings – which are set to run until 21 November – will consider name changes for the city of Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth International Airport and the town of Uitenhage among other considerations.

“The ECPGNC has received applications for proposed renaming, conducted research on the name and facilitated a consultative process with local community concerned, business, faith organisations, and other stakeholders in the jurisdiction of the place to be renamed,” said spokesperson Andile Nduna in a statement.

“We are now in the stage of public hearings and advertisement of proposed names for public comment where details of reason for the proposed standardisation of each name will be presented.

“If a consensus on the new name has been reached amongst all relevant stakeholders, the Committee makes recommendations to the national South African Geographical Names Council (SAGNC) which examines the processes followed in coming to the conclusion that such a name should be standardised or accepted before the name is gazetted for public comments, acceptance or rejection.”

According to a report by The Herald, the following name changes are being considered as frontrunners.

Port Elizabeth 

  • Gqebera;
  • I-Bhayi;
  • Nelson Mandela City

Port Elizabeth International Airport

  • Sipho Hashe International Airport;
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Airport;
  • Raymond Mhlaba Airport;
  • David Stuurman International Airport;
  • The Khoi-San International Airport;
  • Nelson Mandela Airport.


  • Tolofiyeni;
  • Garden Town;
  • Kariega;
  • Kamesh.

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