Major face-lift for Pier Place

An artist’s impression showing the refurbished exterior of Pier Place

Recently acquired by Aria Property Group, Pier Place is a prime-situated 15-storey, 15,000sqm building in Jetty Street on Cape Town’s Foreshore, which is undergoing redevelopment and refurbishment in excess of R200 million.

“We looked at Pier Place with fresh eyes to see how it could be moulded to be more contemporary while retaining its timeless appeal. Our intention is to reimagine the building with modern standards within the existing envelope,” says Ilan Kaplan, Managing Director, Aria Property Group.

“Previously tenanted by Vodacom, this is a well-maintained and attractive building with efficient floor plates of 1,000sqm, and consequently lends itself to redevelopment and optimal space usage allowing for one, two or up to four tenants per floor.”

The changes and improvements to the building include a New York-inspired rooftop garden on top of the existing, adjoining garage. This will link into 500sqm of floor space for shared services comprising meeting rooms, canteen and lounge area furnished with tables and chairs for tenant use.

The building will feature aluminium cladding and LED lights on the front façade, a landscaped façade overlooking the garden and refurbishment of the lobby and landings.

“The convenient option of a shared office component is an extra bonus for tenants wanting to make use of it. Many have found that they don’t all need a canteen/ lounge and kitchen within their own office and are looking for smaller office accommodation and collaborative shared spaces which not only facilitate cost saving, but also adds a social element,” concludes Kaplan.