Transport & Construction, Trucks-Parts & Equipment – What we can offer you

Transport & Construction, Trucks-Parts & Equipment - What we can offer you

Transport & Construction is a 118 page digest that is mailed monthly and directly to 14 500 decision makers both nationally and internationally.

Trucks-Parts & Equipment a 72 page digest that is mailed nationally and directly to 12 500 company decision makers each month.

We have been running for over 22 years. Most of our clients have been with us from the beginning. This shows that we are the experts in helping you increase your market share.

In addition, understanding the power of online exposure, we have a professionally designed Website. Here you, as a client, will be automatically featured on our business directory with a Google map to your address and a link back to your website. Our website can be reached on Due to substantial traffic through our site, we are highly ranked on the Google search engine, making it easy for company decision makers to find us and therefore find you.

We also offer a Weekly Newsletter. Our Newsletter has grown to 18000+ recipients. Our newsletter helps to keep you up to date with the latest happenings within the industry. As a client of Transport & Construction and Trucks-Parts & Equipment you may send us any company related news or specials to run in our newsletter. Also remember to subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up to date with the latest happenings. This is just another valuable service we offer. Keeping every corner covered for our clients.

In addition to all this we have an Online Shop, where you can upload your own stock for buyers to view and enquire directly. Our online shop is “Your Biggest Seller” for all your plant equipment, parts and services. You may maintain your own stock daily or as needed and without restriction, listing as many items as you may have. The products that are listed within Online Shop are well categorized, so that your product is seen by prospective clients. Our Online Shop can be reached at

Some of the industries that we cover but not limited to: construction, earthmoving, material handling, truck & bus companies, parts and plant rental, government & semi government, transport. This ensures that we are targeting people within your industry – introducing the buyer to the relevant seller.

Partner up with us for success. Contact our confident sales team. They are willing and able to assist you in gaining maximum exposure.