Advanced new range of vertical turbine pumps

New Vertical Turbine

STRONG demand for high efficiency vertical pumps has prompted global pump manufacturer, KSB, to manufacture a comprehensive range of-advanced vertical turbine pumps for a wide range of applications.

The new “B-Pumps” are multistage vertical turbine pumps with a submerged hydraulic system comprising strong and efficient discharge casing assemblies, column pipes and pump bowls in the assembly. Depending on the size and application required the new range is available in 17 sizes with three different impeller types.

According to KSB Pumps and Valves regional sales manager for Sub-Sahara Africa, David Jones, the pump sets cover heads of up to 200 metres and flow rates of up to 720 litres per second with anything from one to 25 stages. Stage casing diameters range from 152mm to 610mm with various designs allowing above-floor or underfloor discharge. B-Pumps can be driven by vertically mounted electric motors or via a right-angle gear with a horizontal diesel engine or electric motor. The maximum permissible speed is 3 500 r/min.

A wide range of materials can be specified including standard grey cast iron and steel derivatives or special material including stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel or customised materials. Internally the pumps have intermediate pump shaft bearings which are lubricated by the fluid handled, or may be fitted with an external lubrication supply.

Externally, the casing is designed for a pressure of 16 bar; the discharge flange dimensions are compliant with DIN, BS and ASME standards. On request pressure ratings above 16 bar can also be supplied. The maximum temperature of the fluid handled should not exceed 105 C.