WhatsApp introduces biometric security features for Web and Desktop

Whatsapp Source: Google Images

WhatsApp has begun rolling out a new biometric login security feature. Web and Desktop users will be able to add in a fingerprint, face or iris scan to use the messaging app by linking it to their mobile app, alongside the existing QR code authentication.

The messaging platform, owned by Facebook, said that WhatsApp does not see your face or fingerprint data.

The new feature allows users to add a biometric login, depending on the device’s capabilities, to add an additional layer of security through authentication. The new feature will only work if you have enabled the biometric authentication setting on your phone.

The option will appear when users on either a desktop or web version are trying to link the account to a mobile app account. Previously this just needed a QR code, which will now be used in addition to the biometric login.

WhatsApp said the new capability will work on all Apple devices operating iOS 14 and above with Touch ID or Face ID. On Android it will work on the devices compatible with Biometric Authentication (Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock or Iris Unlock). To turn on this feature, read WhatApp’s full instructions here.