ECONZ Wireless, established in 1971 in New Zealand, provides employer solutions for time and attendance, employee tracking and compliance with hourly wage laws. ECONZ Wireless products are available on a global basis and have helped thousands of companies streamline their businesses to become more efficient and productive. ECONZ focuses on industries such as marketing, security, sales and services such as repair work, plumbing and many others.

“Our applications began by allowing our clients to give their field representatives the ability to clock in and out while capturing their time in a simple and easy manner. As technology grew, we incorporated GPS into our applications for Android, IOS and Blackberry devices,” says Thomas Marshall, Sales Director for ECONZ South Africa.

Marshall says ECONZ’s applications bring accountability in to companies as well as increasing productivity. “Due to the application’s on-the-job features, company field representatives no longer have to work on their sales admin reports late at night. It’s all done by the time they get home.”

ECONZ offers three mobile phone solutions:

-Timecard GPS Lite is design for one field worker, whose manager needs to know exactly where he/she will be, how many hours spent per customer and number of customers visited that day.

-Timecard GPS is the full package includes two features which is Customer Field Questions and Team Clock-In – where employees are clocked in by their manger as they arrive. This prevents issues such as the site manager completing the sheet clock-in the next day.

-E-Service allows dispatch at the client’s office to create a job ticket, pass it on to one of the field workers available who will receive it on their device with the E-Service application loaded on. The app then shows the worker has accepted the job, that he/she is on route and when they have begun the job. The can also log the parts used, pricing of the parts (for fast and easy invoice preparation) and add notes. Two of the new features on this app allows digital signature from the customer and photos of the work area before and after.

ECONZ’s new and exciting venture will be including the digital signature and photos into the Timecard GPS packages. ECONZ also offers a month to month contract solution for clients and dedicated support.

“Our packages are fully customisable, allowing clients to tailor-make a solution to fit their needs exactly,” Marshall added.

“We have a 24/7 support programme with live assistance and training. We offer training once a week for our clients on our packages – free of charge. We also spend a lot of time working with our clients to make sure our solution fit for them.”

ECONZ pricing ranges from Timecard GPS at R8 per employee per day and E-Service at R18. It also offers incentive ideas for its clients – such as best used Timecard, Top 10 users, or most on-time worker will go into a competition held by the client.